Police GPS Tracking

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The GPS tracking system from DynaTrack GPS was originally built and designed for 911 dispatch organizations, municipal and state law enforcement fleets, ambulance services and emergency vehicles of all kinds. This technology was designed, developed and refined over many years. The technology at the heart of Live GPS tracking and maintenance was first developed for use in Police vehicles.

DynaTrack GPS is the most experienced company in the World when it comes to law enforcement vehicle tracking and covert GPS systems. With the Live GPS tracking and maintenance module, the management, protection and efficient use of police and emergency vehicles has never been easier. Comprehensive maintenance and strategic purchasing of additional assets is also a snap with the support of live GPS equipment tracking from DynaTrack.
Our professional grade covert GPS tracking systems are excellent for law enforcement and police detectives. 

Protect Police Officers and the Community with Law Enforcement GPS!

Since the technology was originally developed, this type of GPS tracking system has been applied in all sorts of commercial applications. But the foundation of GPS vehicle tracking was originally laid in support of governmental law enforcement agencies, so they could track vehicle movements, support police officers in field surveillance, dispatch additional law enforcement and emergency resources and generally serve and protect communities all over the United States.

Innovative law enforcement GPS technology has also been used to catch auto thieves in the act, bring dangerous criminals to justice, recover stolen vehicles, and protect car owners everywhere. GPS tracking saves money in nearly all industries, but in law enforcement, GPS tracking has actually saved lives.

Save Lives with Constant Monitoring!

DynaTrack GPS is the number one service provider of Police tracking GPS systems in the World. The Live law enforcement vehicle tracking and maintenance module collects and transmits data on every vehicle in the fleet. This valuable global positioning and usage data is centrally organized and presented in a simple web interface with all police movements displayed on a detailed map.

For each police and emergency vehicle, trip distances are calculated, fuel consumption analyzed, emergency routes mapped, and response times all tracked, organized, analyzed and archived. By reducing emergency response times, the DynaTrack technology actually helps police officers, fire departments and emergency medical technicians save lives and protect valuable property. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to monitor police cars, their movement, and their response time when crimes are reported.

Serve and Protect with Cost-effective GPS Tracking!

Keeping the community safe is not a cheap enterprise and law enforcement agencies are having to do more with less. Police and emergency vehicles withstand thousands of miles of operation every year, and need to receive maintenance according to a strict schedule. This keeps insurance premiums down and reduces overall liabilities to police forces, law enforcement agencies, state, federal and municipal governments.

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