X5-Nav GPS Navigational Tracker

X5-Nav GPS Navigational Tracker
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DynaTrack X5-Nav
The World's #1 Navigation GPS Tracker
Look again - This is NOT your typical navigation device. Oh, sure, it does navigation.

It also tracks the vehicle LIVE everywhere it goes, with industry-shattering 10-second updates, allowing you to see it move, turn-by-turn, from any web browser.

And, of course, you can send and receive messages to/from your drivers. No delays. LIVE. In realtime. (This is not SMS)

And then there's the ability to remotely set the destination through the web-based tracking system - enabling the device to guide your driver all the way to the door.

And it's all nicely integrated into a single neat, tidy package. No maze of wires. Just plug and play. It's so simple... why didn't anyone think of this before?

The X5-Nav: Simply Brilliant.

  • Fastest tracking updates in the industry.
  • Lowest cost of operation per update.
  • Unparallelled reliability.
  • For fleets of 1 to 5000 vehicles.
Detailed Specifications
CPU / Memory SiRF ATLAS III dual-core / 64Mb DRAM, 2Gb Internal Flash, 8Gb Micro-SD Slot
Display 4.3" TFT Resistive TouchScreen, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, 480x272 pixels
Dimensions 4.88"W x 3.185"L x 0.7835"D
Operating Temperature -10 degree Cto +60 degree C (14F to +140F)
Power Source 1400mAh Non-removable Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery, PC USB charger, 12v cigarette-lighter adapter, Optional wall charger
GSM Channels 850/900/1800/1900
Communication Protocol TCP/IP, UDP
Update Frequency Every 10 seconds if speed>5 mph
Antenna Integrated GSM/GPRS+GPS internal to device
Notifications Virtual Fence alert zones, speed alerts via SMS text message or email
Historical Playback 90 days of historical playback stored at server
Reporting Individual Vehicle Report, Enhanced Vehicle Report, Start/Stop Report, and more...
Applications Fleet/Personnel Management, Covert Tracking, Theft Notification & Recovery, Dispatch, Driver Communication, Destination Routing with turn-by-turn,Tracking Alzheimers Patients, Tracking Teens, Asset Tracking, Freight Tracking