AT-X5 Asset GPS Tracking System

AT-X5 Asset GPS Tracking System
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DynaTrack AT-X5

The World's #1 Personal GPS Tracker!

The AT-X5 allows you to instantly locate any asset, eliminating wasted time spent searching for missing items and unnecessary expenditures to replace lost assets.
Welcome to the next generation of Asset monitoring, tracking and recovery. Building on the already trusted name in tracking systems, DynaTrack GPS delivers the same incredible LIVE results.
From the convenience of any internet connected computer, a variety of logs and reports gives you unprecedented tracking resources at your fingertips.
This isn't a 2-minute update. It's not a 1-minute update. Not even a 30-second update.
It's Truly Live.
Introducing the VT-X5
  • Unlimited Live Tracking via The Internet
  • 100% Web-based no software to install accessible from anywhere
  • Configurable for 1-second, 5-second or 10-second...LIVE Tracking
  • Low Cost of Operation Only .99 per day with NO CONTRACT
  • Small Only 2.5W x 3.125L x 0.875 H ideal for covert installation
  • Unparalleled Reliability
  • Rugged Water-Resistant Housing, Solid State Circuit Quality throughout
  • Hassle Free Hardwire Installation no batteries to replace!
  • Speed Alert Notifications by Email or Text Message
  • 1 Inputs or 1 Output relay driver.
  • Internal 700 mAh backup battery
Industry Leading GPS Tracking Interface: Take a Look for Yourself DynaTrack GPS Mapping System
Switch Views on the Fly: Map View/Hybrid View/Satellite View/Bird's Eye View ...

Detailed Specifications
Dimensions 2.5"W x 3.125"L x 0.875"D Water Resistant Enclosure
Operating Temperature -20 degree C to +70 degree C (-22F to +158F) )
Power Source 9-30 Volts DC - Simple 3-wire installation / 700 mAh (up to 14 days) backup battery
Typical Full-Power Current 70mA at 12 Volts DC
GSM Channels 850/1900 (United States) 900/1800 (Europe, Australia, Asia, & Middle East)
Communication Protocol TCP/IP, UDP, SMS
Update Frequency 1-second, 5-second, or 10-second position updates (truly LIVE tracking!)
Binary I/O 1 input or 1 output relay
Antenna Dual-mode GSM/GPRS+GPS, easily concealed under vehicle
Notifications Virtual Fence alert zones, speed alerts via SMS text message or email
Historical Playback 90 days of historical playback stored at server
Reporting Individual Vehicle Report, Enhanced Vehicle Report, Start/Stop Report, and more...
Diagnostics Diagnostics via blinking LED, SMS or TCP diagnostic messages
Applications Fleet Management, Asset Tracking and Recovery, Teen Driver Monitoring