Equipment Tracking

Construction contracting companies know they have to keep a tight grip on expenses. In order to bid jobs and be competitive, these companies have to closely manage their heavy equipment and vehicles; the way they operate, regular maintenance, security and protection, and movements throughout the United States and the World.

In support of contract companies, DynaTrack GPS offers a Live GPS tracking system for equipment, heavy machinery, trucks and vehicles of all kinds. Construction and trade companies of all shapes and sizes use GPS tracking to reduce costs, manage their equipment and remain competitive in their bids.

  • Operate Efficiently
  • Remain Competitive
  • Secure Project Work
  • Perform Regular Maintenance

GPS tracking equipment does not need to be expensive or complicated when you buy a comprehensive tracking system from DynaTrack GPS. Each piece of valuable construction machinery will have a durable, resilient, reliable, discrete GPS tracker installed for a reasonable fee. Trip data is transmitted from the device for real time tracking of all equipment. Data is archived with alerts for movements, usage data, resource consumption and regular maintenance alerts. All of these great services for a subscription price as low as one dollar a day.

A simple GPS tracking web interface is a valuable tool for managers and equipment owners. The interface organizes and presents data from each GPS device on a map, monitors valuable equipment in the field, and tracks routes and usage over time. This is an inexpensive way to protect assets, improve efficiencies, and keep project costs in check. Large contractors use these types of systems and there is no reason small and medium sized contractors need to be left behind. With a cost-effective tracking solution from DynaTrack, small business owners can remain competitive with much larger construction firms.

Contractors know heavy equipment is expensive to buy, expensive to operate, and expensive to maintain. This type of construction machinery can also be targeted by thieves and racketeers and sold on the black market. With a hard-wired GPS heavy equipment tracker in every piece of major equipment, construction companies can protect their heavy assets and vehicles, protect the company from theft, and keep operational costs and insurance premiums low.

Protect and Manage Your Assets with Heavy Equipment GPS!

Keep your heavy equipment operating in premium condition, and at maximum operational output. The Live GPS tracking system includes a maintenance module that delivers customizable alerts for maintenance and tune-up scheduling. All mileage and movement is tracked on all vehicles, all heavy equipment usage is captured and documented, and hours of operation can be set as an alert per equipment.

Alerts can be delivered via text or email and you may not even need to use a computer. Traditional maintenance tracking for heavy construction equipment can be tedious and labor intensive. This takes valuable time away from customer service and successful project work. With the Live GPS tracking and maintenance module from DynaTrack GPS, you can focus your time and resource where it really counts.

Stay Competitive with Heavy Equipment GPS Solutions!