GPS Asset Tracking

Every Day Over 4 Million Dollars of Property and Equipment is Stolen in the United States and less than 10% is ever recovered!

The cure: Outdoor Asset Tracking

Protect and monitor your trailers, power tools, construction equipment and other outdoor assets from theft and unauthorized usage. The primary factor for low recovery include the delay in reporting stolen property, inaccurate owner records and limited law enforcement resources dedicated to stolen property and/or lack of information provided to law enforcement.

Our GPS system will:

  • Notify You Immediately when Your Property is Moved or Tampered with.
  • Allow you to Track Your Stolen Property
  • Provide You with the Information Needed for Law Enforcement to Make a Successful Recovery.

Do you need to monitor more? Our GPS system will also:

  • Monitor engine hours -when power-take-off (PTO) is activated
  • Activation of an auxiliary motor
  • Unauthorized access or entry

From simple tool theft to machinery theft and unauthorized usage, DynaTrack GPS has the solution you're looking for. Property and equipment with GPS tracking and alarm devices are vital for asset protection and recovery.

Your Chances for a successful recovery increase tremendously with a GPS tracking device when compared to protecting your assets without one.

Give us a call today toll free at 1-877-344-1477 to discuss which product is best for your individual needs.


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