GPS Child Tracker

GPS Tracking for Children

The DynaTrack PT-X5 tracking device is ideal for tracking your most precious cargo, your children. Your child’s safety and well being is perhaps the greatest concern a parent could have. Our device is small and can easily be placed covertly into your child’s stroller, jacket or backpack allowing you to verify and monitor your child’s location.

With the DynaTrack PT-X5 tracking device you will be able to see your child’s position update every 20 feet or every 10 seconds when speeds exceed 10mph. You can actually watch the PT-X5 move across your computer screen as it updates, from any internet connected PC anywhere in the world.

To conserve battery power the VT-X5 goes to sleep, when it’s not moving. From the web portal, you are able to see how much battery life remains on your tracking device. You can also set up to 20 designated zones that you determine on the web interface and receive a text message and/or email whenever the device enter or exits these zones.


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