GPS Fleet Tracking

The management and operation of a fleet of vehicles presents certain challenges and expenses. DynaTrack GPS has developed a simple system of GPS tracking devices and comprehensive fleet tracking software in support of private, commercial and government operated vehicle fleets. This GPS fleet tracking system empowers business owners to manage their employees, their vehicles, their assets, their customer service levels, their expenses and their business in general. Monitor your assets and reduce your expenses with Live GPS tracking. Calculate your ROI.

Get Rugged and Durable GPS Tracking Devices for Fleets of All Kinds.

This is the most rugged and reliable equipment on the market. Some of the tracking devices available from DynaTrack even work with Garmin® nüvi® and dēzl™. Dust proof and water resistant, GPS trackers from DynaTrack keep you up and running no matter what the weather conditions in your geographic region. The Live GPS tracking and maintenance module is ideal for just about any application and environmental condition.

GPS fleet tracking is also ideal for vehicle fleets of nearly any shape and size. There is no minimum number of vehicles. With DynaTrack, you can start your fleet tracking system with as little as one vehicle!

Keep operational costs down while protecting your assets and keeping them in service for many years. With rising fuel costs and economic inflation, it is more important than ever to keep close track of your vehicles, reduce theft and damage, and remain competitive in your pricing to consumers. GPS fleet management and the Live GPS tracking and maintenance module from DynaTrack supports nearly all types of fleets including:

· Police Vehicles

· Parks and Recreation

· Ambulance Fleets

· Municipal Fleets

· Courier Services

· Emergency Fleets

· Delivery Trucks & Vans

· Maintenance Fleets

· Taxi Services

· Schools & Institutions

· Carpet Cleaning

· Construction Fleets

DynaTrack has made live GPS tracking affordable for everybody in America and even the World. This is the most affordable GPS tracking product available and is built on the most reliable technology ever invented. This tracking system improves the security of the fleet, and many stolen vehicles have been recovered with the help of GPS.

Fleet management has never been easier with a comprehensive tracking system and web-based interface. Analyze routes, monitor fuel costs, reduce delivery times, and receive regular maintenance alerts to your phone, email or computer screen. DynaTrack representatives are standing by to help you understand your needs, customize a GPS tracking solution, and assist you in keeping your fleet running smoothly and effectively.

Track Your Fleet for Efficient Operations

If anything goes wrong contact customer support at 1.877.344.1477. GPS data is collected 24x7 and all vehicles in your fleet are displayed even if not in service. DynaTrack offers the fastest updates on the largest wireless network in the industry. At any time, you can see where your vehicles are, where they have been, how much mileage they have, when they need additional service and other valuable data. All of these benefits come at highly competitive rates as low as one dollar per day. GPS live tracking technology keeps fleets running safely and efficiently so you can focus on customer service.