How It Works

Zone Alerts - Allows you to know what time your employees are arriving on the job site each morning and what time they leave in the afternoon. With the Zone Alert feature of our GPS Tracking System you can easily define up to 20 “Alert Zones”, also known as “geo-fences”. The system can automatically notify you by email or Text Message (or both) any time one of your vehicles enter or leave the zones you define.

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Speed Alert - Speed Alert enables you to define speeds at which you are notified. Speeds can be defined for specific vehicles or for all vehicles in your fleet. Any time a specified vehicle or vehicles exceed the defined speed, our GPS Tracking System will notify you with a Text Message and/or email.
Ignition Alert - This feature allows you to be notified every time the ignition key is turned on or off. Notification is received via Text Message to your cell phone and/or your email address.
Panic Alert - This feature, if used, can be used for an emergency, robbery, or even wired into your existing alarm for additional tracking protection if your vehicle is stolen. The system will log a report, Email and/or Text Message your cell phone, as well as display a flashing red icon on the screen when activated.
Change Map Directions - This enables you to view North, South, East or West allowing you to see multiple angles of the same image. This has been a great feature for Police and Fire Departments alike.
Mapping - Our mapping system allows you to have several different types of maps for viewing: Regular Maps, Hybrid Maps and Bird's Eye View. Hybrid Maps and Bird's Eye View are the more detailed maps of the three, allowing you to see trees, houses, roads, etc. See examples to the right of the same view on all three maps.
Search - The Search Feature is used when looking for information near the vehicles such as food, gas stations, hospitals, police, etc. Anything that can be found in the Yellow Pages can be located with the “Search” Button and displayed with the location information on the map. Location information includes the name, address and phone number of all listings found in order from nearest to furthest.
Driver Editor - This feature allows you to program your driver's cell phone number into the GPS Tracking System. Allowing you to make a phone call from your computer to your driver without picking up a phone. This feature is used through SKYPE and may require you to download their software to use this function. It is simple and free to setup with SKYPE.
Double Click Vehicle Icon - By double clicking on the Vehicle Icon you are able to see additional functions allowed with our GPS Tracking System. From here you are able to lock and unlock doors, honk the horn, follow vehicle, show address, phone driver, disable or enable the starter, remote start vehicle, text driver cell, message Navi-Tracker unit, reroute navi unit, change text or flag color and change vehicle name. All inputs and outputs such as doors, starter and horn features need additional wiring and may need relays to make those features work properly.
Changing Vehicle Icons - This feature allows you to change the Tracking Icons to a police car, bus, plane, helicopter, taxi, motorcycle, truck, person or even a pet.
Address Manager - Allows the placement of user-defined markers on the map. These markers can provide quick and easy location of warehouses, offices and any other landmarks that may be relevant to your daily use of the our GPS Tracking system. To access this feature, select the “Address Manager” tab and click “Show Address Manager”.
Mouse-Over Vehicle - A box will appear on the screen allowing you to view speeds, vehicle names, directional heading and more just by moving your mouse over the vehicle icon.
Vehicle Groups - This feature allows you to determine vehicle groups. For example, Service vehicle Group, Install Group, North Group, South Group, etc. All you have to do is create your “Group”, give it a name and select the vehicles you want in that group and your done! This is also helpful to Large Fleet Companies wanting to see a specific “group” of vehicles in a particular state or location(s).
Recorded History Playback - This allows you to watch real events with recorded play back and leave vapor trails. You can view recorded play back of where any vehicle was, on any date within the past 90 days and you'll be able to watch the vehicle just like watching it “LIVE”.
Live Support - No other GPS Tracking product on the market provides such an advanced level of technical support and assistance to it's users because no other GPS Tracking company cares as deeply about the satisfaction of its clients. To talk with a LIVE support engineer, simply select the Live Support tab on the control panel, click the button labeled “Live Support System”. A window will appear at the bottom of your screen similar to the one provided.
Route Planning - Allows you to plan up to 21 stops for your drivers routes for the day. Print the predetermined routes from your computer for your drivers and follow their progress througout the day “LIVE” on your computer screen.
Traffic feature - This feature allows you to view “LIVE” traffic of busy skyways or highways on the map in real time. Now you can let your drivers know of possible traffic jams, rerouting them for faster arrival to job sites or service calls without wasting time or money sitting in traffic for hours.
Fences feature - This allows you to view all of your programmed Zone Area Alerts on the map at one time. You can make changes to resize predetermined zones or view all Zone Area Alerts you have entered into the system.
Activity Panel - Allows you to view all of your vehicle locations on the map. By opening the Activity Panel on the bottom of the maps you can view heading, speeds, vehicle ID's, ignition, and more all on one “quick-view” report.