Track Teen Drivers

Important Fact to know for Parents of Teen drivers …

Car crashes by teen drivers are the #1 Killer of teens in America today. The most telling statistic of all … According to a recent survey, 89% of teens said their parents have the biggest influence on how they drive.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens, accounting for more than one in three deaths in this age group. In 2008, nine teenagers 16 to 19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries. Per mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are four times more likely than older drivers to crash. Fortunately, teen motor vehicle crashes are preventable, and proven strategies can improve the safety of young drivers on the road.

The National Safety Council pioneers research, symposiums and partnerships to identify and reduce the major risk factors teenage drivers face. According to the National Safety Council modifying risky behavior is among the top things parents can do to reduce risk with teen drivers.

What better way to modify risky behavior than to ride with your teenager every time they drive. That’s not realistic … but with the DynaTrack X-5 technology you can ride virtual with your teen every time they drive! Imagine receiving a text message or email any time your teen exceeds a predetermined speed and enter or exit a predetermined area you designate. How about the peace of mind knowing your teen is driving safely because they know your watching? DynaTrack GPS has the solution you are looking for.


The VT-X5 is simple and inexpensive to install. Any car stereo or car alarm shop can install these devices. National stores like Best Buy can also install these devices fairly quickly and usually for less than $65.00.

The PT-X5 requires no installation. Simply charge it and go. Login to our web portal and track your teen.


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